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Suffolk to host 2 graduation ceremonies in response to student complaints

Following complaints from the Student Government Association on the Eastern Campus campus, changes are coming to Suffolk County Community College’s commencement celebration this year. The complaints centered on the number of tickets given and transportation to and from the event.

In response, the college will most notably host two commencement ceremonies on May 23. Commencement exercises will take place at 10  a.m. and alternately at 4 p.m., according to a notice sent to the campus community.

The ceremonies will take place in the Field House of the Health, Sports and Education Center, which is located on the Grant campus in Brentwood.

To address the issue of transportation to the campus, SCCC is providing yellow buses that students and family may reserve seats on for a fee to take to and from the Eastern or Ammerman campuses.

With the addition of another commencement, students will be able to receive up to four tickets, as opposed to the two they could receive in previous years. The ticketing system has adjusted to the new circumstances and students may be able to select their preferred time slot, according to the school’s website. 

Graduating students must select the ceremony that they would prefer to attend. In the event one of the ceremonies reaches full capacity, graduates will be directed to RSVP for the alternate ceremony time.

The tickets, which graduations can reserve online, are on a first-come,  first-serve basis, so if one time slot runs out, students will be required to sign up for the other.

SGA’s complaints were one of the main reasons for the changes to graduation, and they’ve continued to be an integral part of the process to create a smooth transition, according to Lisa Hamilton, the director of campus activities on the Grant campus.

“The SGA has been actively involved and has representatives in the Commencement Committee,” she said.


Attending the SCCC commencement ceremony is important

Suffolk is a commuter school, so students often come and go quickly, leaving many events held by the school with low attendance. 

There is an event, however, that many students skip that they should not: commencement. 

Many students will just brush off their graduation from SCCC because, well, it’s just Suffolk. But it’s not just Suffolk.

Graduating from Suffolk is an accomplishment that should be recognized and celebrated. While an associate’s degree for many is is a toward the eventual goal of bachelor’s, master’s or even doctoral degrees, for many others the associate’s degree they earn at Suffolk helps them get into the field their choice. 

For people like myself, Suffolk was a jumping off point. Out of high school, I never would have been accepted to the colleges that I had the option of choosing for next fall. My grades simply weren’t up to par, and my work ethic was nowhere near what it needed to be to be successful in a college classroom.

And I know that I am not alone in that situation. Many students who come to Suffolk are able to go to schools they never thought they’d be able to attend after their time at Suffolk. That’s the biggest reason I believe that attending SCCC commencement is so important.

Don’t brush off graduation from Suffolk on May 24 in the Field House of the Health, Sports and Education Center on the Michael J. Grant Campus in Brentwood. Put on the funny hat, sit in the crowd and hear your name, listen to your name be called for accomplishing something great.