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SCCC needs designated smoking areas

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Photo by Alexa La Rosa

Imagine walking on campus and smelling the fresh, crisp air as you’re walking to class. Unfortunately, your imagination could be blurred by the actual cigarette smoke constantly blowing in your face.

Suffolk County Community College has tried so hard to enforce the tobacco-free rule. Signs read, “For better health smoking and use of tobacco products, vapor or e-cigarettes are prohibited everywhere on our property.” Yet, everywhere I walk I smell the staleness of cigarette smoke or the clouds created by e-cigarettes.

Our college has dreadfully failed at the attempt of creating a smoke-free environment. So, I came up with an alternative.

Designated smoking areas.

SCCC being a smoke-free facility is an inconvenience to those who do smoke. Students have to fight their urges to smoke a cigarette just to obey college rules. I get it; no one really wants to walk outside and immediately be immersed in an environment that smells like an ashtray. But creating designated smoking areas will keep that from happening.

There are students who need a quick smoke break. A lot of the times students catch a quick smoke to ease their stress. It often helps calm people down after taking an exam or sitting in a class they utterly dread. Students around campus seem to not want their freedom being taken away from them. So, let’s compromise.

Creating designated smoking areas would honestly create a fresher environment for our college community as well as satisfy those who do smoke. So, it’s ultimately a win-win situation. I feel as if this rule could easily be enforced as well as followed. You should expect to not get the results you presumed if you’re prohibiting someone from an addicting habit, so instead let’s help them in a way where they feel comfortable smoking a cigarette and the community stays smelling fresh at the same time.