For SGA’s elections to have more involvement, it needs greater authority

The college holds the Student Government Association’s elections each spring semester. This year, they happened from April 8 to April 13 — five days during which students could vote online, in the college’s website homepage for their favorite representatives running for office for the 2018-2019 school year.

However, the recent elections didn’t do as well as last year’s. This time, 197 students from the Ammerman campus voted. Compared to 2017, when there were 405 hits, the number is significantly low. But why?

One of the main reasons was the number of candidates running for the vacant positions, said Laura Garcia, the current president of SGA. In 2017, two candidates ran for president and two for vice president.

As a result, “there was more promotion, debate and campaigning,” she said.

This year, only one person ran for president. Besides that, no one ran for vice president, secretary or treasurer.

Another reason can be the lack of awareness about what SGA actually does. Most people might infer that this organization has a lot of power in the decision-making processes that happen on campus. However, this is not the case for the student governance bodies at Suffolk County Community College.

SGA’s mission is to advocate for students’ rights, responsibilities and freedoms. It serves as a channel between faculty members, students and administration. However, no one holds a seat on the SCCC board of trustees, nor does SGA have a say in how student activity fees are spent, as do many student government organizations, including all four-year SUNY colleges and universities. SGA’s job is to communicate any issue to the student trustee, Jerome Bost.

Bost is the sole student representative on the college’s 10-member board. He represents all the students from the three campuses, exposing their concerns and being that voice in the decision-making process.

SGA spends a good portion of its annual budget mainly in giveaways, as minor contributions to the wellness of the student body.

“We want more ability to be able to oversee certain things, which is what we’re pushing forward now,” said Garcia. SGA is very limited in what they actually do on campus, so they try to help other organizations in events, as a way of promoting the services that the campus offers.

I think that this factor also plays an important role in how much students around the campus are informed, not only in the elections, but in the overall SGA’s role. The majority of the students don’t show much interest in what happens with this organization. Many others might do, but lacking the knowledge and information.

The Student Government Association in the Ammerman campus needs more promotion, better ways to get to students, who are intended to be the ones benefited from SGA’s work. If students are more involved, then more would be interested in being part of it, as well as voting for people to represent them. However, it is important to take away some of the limitations that restrict them to do more for the college community in general.


SCCC trustees propose a record $350 tuition rate hike

Thanks By Courtney Nigro and Alexa LaRosa

The Suffolk County Community College board of trustees proposed a $226.4 million budget for the 2018-2019 school year at its April 19 meeting that would increase tuition by a record $350.

The increase would boost annual tuition from $4,870 to $5,220 for full-time students. Part-time students would also be impacted, as the cost per credit would increase from $203 to $218.

The SCCC budget calls for a 4 percent increase in the county’s contribution to college costs, but, according to Newsday, Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone wanted the school to include only a 1.5 percent increase.

In its resolution, the board said the increase is necessary to meet the operational needs of the college.

The spending package was approved in a 6-1 vote. Student trustee Jerome Bost dissented. Bost could not immediately be reached for comment.

SCCC spokesman Drew Biondo said the college is waiting on the county’s contribution to the budget.

“We’re cognizant of student’s feelings about a tuition increase,” Biondo said. “We will do everything in or power to keep the education at our college affordable.”

The legislature will take up the issue in the next few weeks.

The board of trustee’s next meeting is scheduled for 4 p.m. today in the boardroom of the Learning Resource Center at the Grant Campus in Brentwood.

The fashion around Suffolk

At SCCC, the student body is made up of a diverse group of people, each with different backgrounds and fashion sense. Whether they’re sporting bold pieces or simple accessories, each individual has their own style to offer.

1. High Tops

IMG_0863High top Converse is a staple to include in any wardrobe. Classic white, cool patterns or a flashy solid color can help spice up any outfit.

2. Accessories

Image uploaded from iOS (2)Accessories and statement pieces such as watches, necklaces and eccentric belt buckles help pull any outfit together.

3. Ripped Jeans

Image uploaded from iOS.jpgRipped jeans have been “in” for years and have been evolving as the years go on. Whether it’s wide knee rips or a single rip with frayed ends, each style can be a key piece in anyone’s look.

4. Athleisure

Image uploaded from iOS (3)Athleisure is a new style that has been taking over rapidly. It’s a mix of leisure clothes and athletic wear. Companies such as Adidas have been producing and releasing more clothes that are dual functional and not just for working out.

5. Denim on denim

image-uploaded-from-ios-4.jpgDenim on denim has received negative feedback in the past, but it’s making a comeback. The most iconic denim on denim duo are jeans and a cute jean jacket.

6. Dress Shirts

Image uploaded from iOS (5)Button-up shirts are a good way to come across more professionally. You can choose a button-up with short sleeves to accommodate the approaching warmer weather and a playful or busy pattern to showcase your style personality.

7. Cardigans

Image uploaded from iOS (1)Cropped and full-length cardigans are a good way to keep an outfit stylish while also staying warm. Full-length cardigans can be worn during gloomy days while cropped cardigans can be used to add flair to any outfit even on a warmer day.


Tri Nguyen wins SCCC’s 2018 Student of the Year Award

Tri Nguyen, a Campus Activities Board executive and student worker, Nguyen was recognized for his dedication to the campus and students with the 2018 Daniel De Ponte Student of the Year Award.

The award was given at this year’s Student Recognition Luncheon on May 15.

Nguyen has been a student at SCCC for four semesters and plans continue studying business. He hopes to be accepted to New York University.

Nguyen said he would like this recognition to serve as a platform so he can share with other his story.



Ten Popular Spots to Hang Out at on Campus

College can be stressful, so sometimes students want to wind back and relax. Luckily, our campus is filled with tons of hang out spots that are available to students. These spots allow students to sit down, relax and enjoy the little free time they have before going back to their classes.

img_1538.jpg 1. The cafeteria in the Babylon Student Center is a hyped up spot for college students. It is common to see a packed room during common hour. Students go here to wind down and eat some food before continuing on with their school day.

img_1530.jpg 2. This is a hidden spot on our campus. Not many people know about this. It is quiet and peaceful and it’s a perfect spot to go to when you want to be alone. It is located underneath the library.

img_1535.jpg 3. This spot is within the platform of the Babylon Student Center. Mariana Guimaraes, a journalism student here at SCCC says, ” I always see a lot of people reading a book or catching up on homework in this mini development. If the weather is nice, it’s the perfect spot to get things done.”

img_1540.jpg 4. Starbucks is one of the newest additions on our Ammerman Campus. This is a great hangout spot and has an environment in which people like studying in. It’s the perfect mix, drinking some coffee and hitting the books. IMG_1537 5. This is the continuation of the mini development within the Babylon Student Center. You can see a student engaging himself in his book outside in this great weather. img_1527.jpg6. Overall, the Huntington Library is a very popular spot to hangout in and do some homework, but when the weather is beginning to be friendly to us, students tend to evacuate out of the library and sit outside of it. img_1525.jpg 7. Our courtyard here on campus is one of the most popular hang out spots. On nice days, students tend to play Frisbee, read a book, or just sit and talk with their friends. This is a great area for communicating and taking your mind off of your work load.  IMG_15228. The courtyard has multiple different sides which makes it large enough to sit a lot of people. IMG_15169. This spot is right outside the Islip Arts Building. A lot of people come sit out here in between their classes. Usually, it is full with people and you can barely get a spot to sit at. This picture was taken at a time where most people were in class.

Attending the SCCC commencement ceremony is important

Suffolk is a commuter school, so students often come and go quickly, leaving many events held by the school with low attendance. 

There is an event, however, that many students skip that they should not: commencement. 

Many students will just brush off their graduation from SCCC because, well, it’s just Suffolk. But it’s not just Suffolk.

Graduating from Suffolk is an accomplishment that should be recognized and celebrated. While an associate’s degree for many is is a toward the eventual goal of bachelor’s, master’s or even doctoral degrees, for many others the associate’s degree they earn at Suffolk helps them get into the field their choice. 

For people like myself, Suffolk was a jumping off point. Out of high school, I never would have been accepted to the colleges that I had the option of choosing for next fall. My grades simply weren’t up to par, and my work ethic was nowhere near what it needed to be to be successful in a college classroom.

And I know that I am not alone in that situation. Many students who come to Suffolk are able to go to schools they never thought they’d be able to attend after their time at Suffolk. That’s the biggest reason I believe that attending SCCC commencement is so important.

Don’t brush off graduation from Suffolk on May 24 in the Field House of the Health, Sports and Education Center on the Michael J. Grant Campus in Brentwood. Put on the funny hat, sit in the crowd and hear your name, listen to your name be called for accomplishing something great. 


Springfest: A day of relaxation and enjoyment

Lexi Zarbo, Gianni, Dashay Robinson, and Aniecia Jones were on the line for spray tattoos. Each were having a great time and loved SCCC had Springfest. Photo by Michael Fuzie. (May 2, 2018)

Suffolk County Community College hosted its annual Springfest in Veterans Plaza on May 2.  The festival, which lasted from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., allowed students to enjoy themselves as the spring semester draws to a close.

Here’s a sample of what was offered.

Rochelle Tharpe, executive administrator coordinator for Campus Activities, said, “I hope everyone has fun as we get close to the end of the semester.”

Tattoo artist Dylan Davereaux readies for the crowds.

Davereaux at work.

The cotton candy line was long until Springfest came to a close.

Joseph Lalota III Student Senator at the SGA booth bad high hopes for Springfest. “People love warm weather and free stuff.”

Lexi Zarbo, Gianni, Dashay Robinson, and Aniecia Jones were on the line for spray tattoos. Each were having a great time and loved SCCC had Springfest.

Students playing Frisbee.

At midday, Springfest was in full swing as the crowd grew large.

Students playing football in the Veterans Plaza field.